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Protein skimmerProtein skimmer

Protein separator (Protein skimmer) also known as protein fractionator, foam fractionator, used mostly filter in saltwater aquariums.

Operational principle.

Skimmer operational principle

It work as the principle that the bubble surface can adsorb various of contaminants and soluble organic compounds mixed in water, while generating numbers of bubbles by air pump or water pump to clear the saltwater, these bubbles will be collected on the water surface to form the foam, which will be collected in the collection cup, then they will become yellow liquids and drain.

Protein skimmer
Cone seamless welded

Cone seamless paste.

It is made of high quality acrylic and precision machining. Full cone reaction chamber is made by using hot pressing seamless paste technology, not only guarantee its degree of fine workmanship, but also stable the quality of products to create much more fine bubbles.

Protein skimmer pump

Protein skimmer pump.

It's well-known that pump is the power of the entire protein skimming system. So it is very essential to equip with a pump of stable performance. WO!skimmer introduce innovative pumps with 50% and above energy saving and silent operation if compare with synchronous pumps. Besides, the noise can be down to 50 dB by air intake silencer on working condition.

Needle wheel impeller

Needle Wheel Impeller.

Needle wheel impeller is professional in creating bubbles but it is the most easy wear part. In view of the durabiblity, we have worked out the density of needle wheel impeller to create more fine and average bubbles.

Flexible adjustable water direction.

Experience indicated that single outlet can not meet the requirement of the present saltwater aquarium hobbyist. Our goal is to design and create a complete set of protein skimming system base on the concept of modular design to have you enjoy the DIY fun without any external part.

Flexible adjustable water direction
High efficient foam overflow effect

High efficient foam overflow effect.

The diversion box in reaction chamber is a hole reaming design to improve the speed of the rise of bubbles,so it is better to avoid the foam collection in the reaction chamber and the organic substances move more smoothly into the collection cup.

protein skimmer setup

Easy installation setup.

The whole set of needle wheel cone protein skimmer is designed by easy installation concept. It is easy to carry out the install and uninstall processdure for better maintenance with compact structure.

Technical Data.

Model PS-100 PS-220 PS-300
Size 120*85*330mm
Reaction Chamber Diameter 60mm(6') 60mm(6') 60mm(6')
Outlet Diameter 20mm(6') 20mm(6') 20mm(6')
Max.Flow Rate 700L/h(700G/h) 700L/h(700G/h) 700L/h(700G/h)
Max.Air Intake 700L/h(700G/h) 700L/h(700G/h) 700L/h(700G/h)
Max.tank Size 120L(700G) 120L(700G) 120L(700G)
Place for installation Interior Interior Interior
Pump 9W 19W 9W