Protein skimmer for aquarium

Protein skimmer FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions section has the answers to some of the most commonly asked Questions about our Products.

A. invertebrates, Fishes and organisms in seawater are continuously producing waste materials in the form of urea, ammonia, phosphorous and other organic compounds. The biological actions by bacteria break down these waste materials into nitrate and phosphate. When not removed, nitrate and phosphate will accumulate to a level that is toxic to fishes, invertebrates and corals in a marine tank. Skimming removes organic compounds in their initial stage, before they are broken down by bacteria actions into nitrate and phosphate. The result is the removing of dissolved organic compounds, and the prevention of rising nitrate and phosphate levels in a marine aquarium.

Q. Why my skimmer not producing foam?

A. There are several reasons for insufficient production of foam.
  1. The concentration of waste is too low. The protein skimmer will start foam formation again once the organic substances in the water increases, e.g. after feeding the fishes.
  2. The water level inside the skimmer is too low. Increase the water level in the skimmer to above the white bayonet neck where the cup fits on.
  3. There is too much water injected into the Protein Skimmer, resulting in too much turbulence in the reactor chamber. Reduce the inlet water flow rate.
  4. Fatty food, vitamin E, medications and other substances causes the premature bursting of bubbles, hence the lack of foam formation. Foam formation will usually regain after a few hours from introduction of such substances.
Q. Why my skimmer produces too much wet foam?

A. Certain medications and additives when introduced to your tank will result in the skimmer producing wet foams for a period of time. Such medications and additives will usually suggest turning off your skimmer when dosing them into your system. Reduce the dosage and lower the water level in the skimmer to prevent overflowing of the skimmate.

Q. Too much Skimming?

A. It is not possible to over skim your water. The bigger the skimmer, the cleaner the water will be. Bigger skimmer also allows the capacity to handle sudden increased in dissolved organic compounds in the water, such as during a die-off of fishes, invertebrates or corals.

Q. I am having excessive micro-air bubbles in the aquarium water?

A. This may only happen in the initial break-in period of the Protein Skimmer. Once the skimmer has break-in, minimal micro bubbles should escape from the skimmer outlet. Micro bubbles may also be caused by the introduction of medication or additives, which results in premature bursting of the bubbles in the skimmer, resulting in the lack of foam formation.